Thursday, January 22, 2015

Getting Back To Painting

Sometimes an artist just has to take a little break from the studio. My break has been a creative one, to learn a new craft - soap making. I didn't really intentionally search for a new craft - it just found me. Needless to say, a couple of months later I have purchased all the supplies to start up a small operation making handmade soap. Cold Process soap is lye soap - made in almost the same way it was traditionally made hundreds of years ago (since the discovery of Lye -. Lye is the thing that makes soap become soap - simply! It is NOT in your soap in the end - it chemically or magically disappears. Since I am about as far as you can get from a chemist - this whole thing turned into a huge learning experience and much more time consuming to learn than I ever thought possible. I would have never gotten obsessed with making soap had I understood just how scientific and mathematical it was. There are many soap makers out there who have documented their handmade soap adventures fantastically - videos on youtube. I thank all of them for sharing their experiences and knowledge so that people like me can learn how to make Cold process soap. I will definitely be creating a blog for my own soap making adventure soon. I will add a few links in my blog following corner for the soap makers who are pros and deserve a look. Let me warn you - you may be bitten by the bug also! It is wonderful if you love handmade cosmetics, perfume, etc. Very artistic! As for PAINTING - I am going back into the studio at the end of January to begin 2 portraits - and am very excited about it! Stella and Makenna - here I come! Here are a few of my "curing" soaps I made over the last month. They smell wonderful!!